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Yiren Digital at Forefront of AI Transformation: Board Director Huang Jingsheng Addresses GenAI Summit San Francisco 2024

BEIJING, June 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- When identifying a unicorn in the AI sector, consider this: focus on businesses with stable cash flow that can pivot to AI-powered innovations and have the potential to redefine their market categories. That's the approach highlighted by Mr. Huang Jingsheng, a celebrated investment veteran, former managing executive director at the Harvard Center Shanghai and board director of Yiren Digital, at the GenAI Summit San Francisco 2024.

Yiren Digital (NYSE: YRD), an AI-powered platform providing a comprehensive suite of financial and lifestyle services in China, earned its second consecutive invitation to the GenAI Summit. Showcasing its latest tech innovations and AI applications, the company solidified its position as a trailblazer in the AI and fintech sector. Mr. Huang Jingsheng, who has decades of investment expertise, took the stage to discuss AI investment strategies in a panel titled "Identify Unicorns: How can VCs spot the next big thing in GenAI."

"The first consideration is whether the company is inherently geared towards leveraging the best technology, including being tech-savvy and having a top-tier team. Secondly, it's crucial to assess if they possess extensive vertical data to train generative AI. Thirdly, we need to evaluate if their existing business segments can logically and easily deploy generative AI capabilities. Lastly, and quite interestingly, we examine whether the company has developed an internally trained platform to enhance their operations, which they can then offer to clients, partners, and even competitors," said Mr. Huang. He elaborated on the standards for portfolio selection, emphasizing the importance of technological strength, data capabilities, application services, and commercial implementation.

Mr. Huang drew an intriguing parallel between Yiren Digital's growth trajectory and that of AWS, noting that AWS initially served as an internal cloud service for Amazon and later evolved into an external SaaS solution, eventually becoming a standalone business.

"We, at Yiren Digital, have tons of vertical datasets, and our top team absolutely embraces AI from all aspects of our operations and we have business scenarios to use AI", commented Mr. Huang, suggesting that Yiren Digital's AI systems and models, such as DiTing and its AI customer acquisition capabilities, have the potential and are poised to follow a comparable path of evolution, which positions Yiren Digital well for a possible market revaluation.

As of March 31,2024, Yiren Digital's proprietary intelligence platform, DiTing, had made over one billion decisions, underscoring the data-tech based system's robust capabilities in leveraging advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to support dynamic and reliable financial decision-making. The DiTing platform received recognition at the "Jinxintong" Fintech Innovation & Case Collection and Application Awards. Moreover, the company's AI-driven Intelligent Customer Service was also honored with the "Outstanding Solution" Award at the "Technology Industry Financial Integration" Data Modeling Algorithm Competition.

Notably, the company just completed its branding upgrade, changing its Chinese name to "Yiren Zhike" ("宜人智科"), signaling its commitment to digital intelligent technologies and sharpening its focus on leveraging AI for operational efficiency, customer experiences, and cost optimization. Looking ahead, Yiren Digital aims to transform its AI capabilities into innovative solutions applicable broadly across selected industries.

About Yiren Digital

Yiren Digital Ltd. is an advanced, AI-powered platform providing a comprehensive suite of financial and lifestyle services in China. Our mission is to elevate customers' financial well-being and enhance their quality of life by delivering digital financial services, tailor-made insurance solutions, and premium lifestyle services. We support clients at various growth stages, addressing financing needs arising from consumption and production activities, while aiming to augment the overall well-being and security of individuals, families, and businesses.

About Huang Jingsheng 

Mr. Huang Jingsheng has served as a board director of Yiren Digital since December 17, 2015. Mr. Huang is the former managing executive director at the Harvard Center Shanghai. Previously, he was a partner at TPG Growth Fund, a managing director at Bain Capital LLC, a managing director at SOFTBANK Asia Infrastructure Fund and held positions at SuNeVision Ventures, Intel Capital, and Gartner Group. He has served on the boards of the China Venture Capital Association and the Shanghai Private Equity Association.

Mr. Huang Jingsheng (middle) shared his investment insights at a panel titled 'Identify Unicorns: How can VCs spot the next big thing in GenAI' at the GenAI Summit San Francisco 2024.


Mr. Huang Jingsheng (middle) took a group photo at Yiren Digital’s exhibition booth at the GenAI Summit San Francisco 2024.



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